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Senior Fitness Articles

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Cholesterol Report
Learn about an interesting cholesterol report that teaches you what cholesterol actually does in the body, why you need it, and how you can control your levels.

Dynamic Warm-Up
Try this simple warm-up routine to prepare you muscles and joints for exercise.

Exercise Reduces Your Risk of Falling
Learn about a huge research review that showed that people who exercise have a reduced occurrence of falls.

Is Balance Trainable?
Take a look at gymnasts and high wire performers to get a better understanding about why balance can be improved with training.

The Cobra Exercise
Learn how this simple exerise can help your posture.

About Those Crazy Balance Devices...
If you walk into a health club today, you're bound to find several pieces of balance training equipment. But are they safe?

Can Vitamin D Help Prevent Falls?
Learn about a study that examined how Vitamin D intake reduced the risk of falling for people over 65.

Is Wine Really That Good for You?
Seems every week you see another article touting the health benefits of wine. Lately, though, a few people have challenged this idea. Find out why.

Is the Internet Good for Your Brain?
A recent study from UCLA examined how the brain works while you use the Internet. Read the interesting results in this article.

Do You Have a Favorite Leg
Test yourself to see if you have one leg that is stronger than the other, and learn why this happens and what you should do about it.

Is There a Fountain of Youth?
Certain cultures tend to live longer than others. Find out the secrets that these people employ to extend their lifespans.

Basic Strategies for Fall Prevention
Learn about three things you can do to help reduce your risk of falling as you get older.

Why Your Leg Muscles Are Getting Weaker
Find out why your leg muscles may get smaller and weaker as you get older, and learn how to keep those muscles strong.

Balance and Baby Boomers
We know that aging is associated with a greater chance of falling. So what's going to happen when our largest generation reaches the golden years?

Smoothies and Soups - Nutrient-Packed Meals - Part 1
Find out how you can start getting more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet with these ideas.

Pizza and Salad - Nutrient-Packed Meals - Part 2
Two more way to get a lot of nutrients in your meal plan.

Mexican Food and Omelets - Nutrient-Packed Meals - Part 3
Find out how you can make these super-healthy meals full of vitamins and minerals.

Talk With Your Doctor About Your Balance
If you've noticed a steep drop-off in the quality of your balance in a relatively short amount of time, see your Doctor and find out what's going on.

Exercise is Overrated?
A recent article claimed that exercise is overrated for weight loss. Get the real story here.

Green Tea
Learn how to make this healthy, tasty, and cheap drink on your own without boiling water or consuming too much sugar.

Eat Some More Fat
Find out why not all fat is bad, and learn about the best fats that you should be eating regularly for optimal health.

Sarcopenia - What It Is and How You Can Fight It
Learn why sarcopenia is something anyone over 60 should be concerned about and then find out how you can counteract it's effects as you age.

Balance - The Fourth Pillar of Fitness
Learn why balance needs to be a regular part of your exercise routine after the age of 60.

The Best Stretch for People Over 60
When you spend a lot of time sitting, certain muscles can become permanently tight and lead to poor posture. This stretch can help stretch out those tight muscles.

Do Pets Cause Falls?
Learn about the results of a five-year study from the CDC that examined how frequently pets contributed to falling injuries.

Senior Exercise Basics - Video
This video walks you through the basics of a good exercise program, including what you should be doing, how often, how long, etc.

2 Lower Leg Strength Exercises for Better Balance and Fewer Falls
This article has a video that shows you how to do two exercises that strengthen two muscle groups that have been shown to positively impact balance.

Top 3 Healthy Eating Tips
There's so much information out there about what and how to eat, it's easy to get confused. This article covers the three best things you can do now to improve your diet.

Top 3 Healthy Eating Tips - Part 2
Two more great tips that will get you on track to better eating habits.

Cardio Exercises - The Basics
Learn the basics parameters of cardiovascular exercise, like how often and how long you should do it.

Strength Training - The Basics
Find out how many strength exercises you should be doing, how many days per week, and how many sets and reps for optimal results.

Flexibility - The Basics
Find out why you need to stretch. Then learn how often you should stretch and how long you should hold each stretch.

Balance Training - The Basics
Learn how often you should train your balance and for how long and discover some common ways to train your balance.

Hall of Fame
Check out these inspiring people, all over age 55, who didn't listen to the skeptics who said "You're too old," and accomplished amazing athletic feats.

What Messages Are You Sending Your Body?
The activities or your daily life send messages to your body to tell it to improve or deteriorate. Find out how to send the right messages to your body to tell it to make positive changes.

Weight Training - Why Are You Getting Stronger?
Many people find that they make big increases in strength in the first month of weight training. Find out why this happens, and how to avoid the mistake that many people make as they get stronger.

Treadmill vs. Walking - Which is Better - Part 1
This three-part article examines several different points, beginning with part 1 which talks about how your walking mechanics are different when on a treadmill.

Treadmill vs. Walking - Part 2 - Quantification
Part 2 talks about why you need to quantify what you're doing, and how this differs between normal walking and using a treadmill.

Treadmill vs Walking - Part 3 - Balance
Part 3 looks at how your balance is used when walking on your own versus using a treadmill.

Are You Too Old to Exercise?
Some people think they're too old to exercise. Find out why exercise is actually more important as you get older.

Your Exercise Program Needs Variety
Many people's exercise programs lack variety. Find out why this can cause problems and learn easy ways to add variety.

Consistency - The Secret to Exercise Success
Being healthy ultimately comes down to exercising on a regular basis, but many people have a problem making exercise a habit. This article will show you ways to be a more consistent exerciser and finally get the results you want.

Your Exercise Program Needs Progression
When you do a certain exercise for a while, your body adapts and grows stronger, which is great, but then what? To see continued results, you need to keep progressing your workouts. This article will show you how.

How Much Water Should You Drink?
Are you getting enough water for optimal health? Use this simple formula to find out how much water you should be drinking every day.

Three Ingredients to Better Balance
There are three things you need to do in order to improve your balance. Find out what they are you'll be ready to go.

Healthy Trail Mix
Find out how you can make your own super-healthy trail mix in just a few minutes. This article will show you what ingredients to use and how much of it to use for maximum benefits.

Ten Tips for A Healthier Life
Here are ten simple things you can do to live a longer and healthier life.  Read the article and pick one or two things you can do today.

Senior Strength Training - Three Strength Training Tips
If you've been strength training with dumbbells, weights, or machines, be sure to check out this article.  It will show you three tips to help maximize your workouts.

Senior Strength Training - Picking the Right Weights
If you're planning on doing some strength training at home, you'll need to get some dumbbells.  This article will help you choose the right kind and the right weight for you.

Senior Balance - Why Does My Balance Deteriorate?
Astronauts also experience a decline in their balance capabilities after living in space. is provides insight into why your balance may be getting worse.

Senior Health and Fitness - The Secret to a Young Brain
Many seniors worry about cognitive decline as they get older.  Find out why it happens and what you can do about it.

Senior Health and Fitness - Exercise is Good for Your Brain?
Learn how exercise can help keep your brain healthy.

Are You Getting Enough Oxygen?
Your may be robbing your body of the oxygen it needs.  Find out how to get more oxygen for optimal health.

Chocolate - The Healthy Junk Food
More and more studies are confirming that chocolate is quite good for you. Learn why it's so healthy and how to find the right kind.

Dancing for Better Balance
You can exercise your balance by dancing.  This article will show you how to implement some simple dancing techniques.

Senior Fitness Mistakes - Part 1
This article examines two common mistakes seniors make when exercising - inconsistency and lack of variety.

Senior Fitness Mistakes - Part 2
Learn about three more senior execise mistakes - neglecting balance, using the wrong weight, and starting too late.

How to Put Together a Complete Senior Exercise Program
Learn about the essential components of a good exercise program. You may find an area or two that you are neglecting.

Balance and Aging - Why's My Balance Deteriorating
Ever wonder why your balance is getting worse?  It's not just because you're getting older.  Find out the real answer in this article.

Winter Fall Prevention Tips
Winter can be a scary season for many due to the increased chance s of falling Learn what you can do to prevent falls this year.

Personal Training for Seniors
If you are looking to add some variety to your workouts, it might be a good idea to meet with a personal trainer for a session or two. Here are the questions you need to ask to find the right trainer for you.

Balance Training Exercises - The Missing Link
A fitness program consisting of just cardio and strength machines will work your heart and muscles, but it won't help your balance.  Find out why here.

Four Ways to Prevent Falls
Discover four things that you can to do prevent falls.  These four fall prevention steps can help reduce your chances of falling.

Balance Training - Common Questions
This article will answer some basic questions about balance training.

The Essential Parts of an Effective Fall Prevention Program
Learn about the three aspects of a complete fall prevention program - balance exercises, leg strengthening, and eliminating tripping hazards.

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